Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Divergent - {Movie + Review + Soundtrack}

Ok so this movie right here <------ is like my favorite movie ever. It's like the best. (In my opinion.) I haven't read all the books. But I'm currently reading Divergent. It's like amazing so far. So sad they didn't reveal Uriah in the movie. They are putting Uriah in "Insurgent." (The second movie/book.) Okay but I'm trying not to spoil anything If I do be ware because I'm bad at not spoiling things. I haven't read all the books but I heard about the end of Allegiant. Oh my gosh I'm going to literally cry my eyes out so hard in the movie. I don't think I might even go see Allegiant. Idk maybe it depends. Ok enough of this talk-let's get into the review!
Ok so the movie is perfect in my opinion-the soundtrack, the actors, the scenes, the action, the romance-EVERYTHING is so perfect. Except I don't like how they didn't show Uriah in the movie. But the kiss scene in the movie is soo awweeeeee. c; <3 I wasn't really expecting that scene AT ALL. But you know me, I'm that typical kind of person that doesn't suspect a thing. There was so many people that I hated in that movie LOL. But I mostly hated Peter & Eric. Little cow jerk messed up pieces of terds on the road. =-= Ok sorry lemme contain myself. I just REALLY hate them. UGH but Peter is kinda hot c; ok excuse me lemme take a breather........ Ok I'm good. But Tris and Four's fight scene was so UGHHH. I was so mad when that old coward woman brain washed Four. I was literally about to throw my popcorn at someone. I literally cried when she pointed the gun towards her head. Then it was epic how they like totally kicked some butt of some of the leaders in Dauntless. I can't wait for Insurgent. I would rate this movie 1-10.. 10 stars. It's AMAZING. Now time to watch the movie below!

(I don't own ANY of this movie-I just found this on Youtube and I thought it'd be helpful for some people since all these websites have stupid signups.)

(Btw near the end there's this ANNOYING bald dude's head in the way-I was tempted to cut off his head.)

Now that after you watched Divergent-TIME FOR THE SOUNDTRACK!!!
In my opinion-I love the soundtrack. It's probably my favorite movie soundtrack yet. Even though some songs are kinda-INTERESTING. But I still love them. <3 ENJOY!
1. Find You - ZEDD (feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant) 0:00 
2. Beating Heart - Ellie Goulding 3:24
3. Fight For You - Pia Mia (feat. Chance The Rapper) 6:56
4. Hanging On - Ellie Goulding (I See MONSTAS Remix) 11:30
5. I Won't Let You Go - Snow Patrol 15:36
6. Run Boy Run - Woodkid 19:41
7. Backwards - Tame Impala (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 23:14
8. I Need You - M83 27:10
9. In Distress - A$AP RockY (feat. Gesaffelstein) 30:11
10. Lost and Found - Pretty Lights (ODESZA Remix) 33:20
11. Stranger - Skrillex 37:57
12. Dream Machines - Big Deal 42:47
13. Dead In The Water - Ellie Goulding 45:45
14. I Love You - Woodkid 50:30
15. Waiting Game - 54:21
16. My Blood - Ellie Goulding 57:48

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WoozNooz (Owners Please Read The Article*

Hello Hello Woozens! Okay, a few things to say!
First of all, let's do my fashion!
So here it is....! So, I really adore the Long Pony Tail because it's unique and very cute and mostly matches in everyone of you outfits! I love the earrings (which is only balls)...but still very cute.
The Tube Top is like the first and cutest and original top in woozworld! It may be the only Tube Top in the world (for now, world as in our woozen world) I really adore the patterns on here, it's uniquely made with a lil Tribal Pattern. The jewelry is cute too, and this is part of the Long Pony Tail set, and those two pieces are the most popular in woozworld right now....and for now.
The pants, IDK what they're called (thank you Mic for the fab. outfit ;)!) I love the patterns (which are stars), from a far distance it may look like dots....but believe me...they're stars!!! This pants go good with the outfit i'm wearing now!
So that was the Pepsi Fashion!

Going Away *Owners May Want To Read This Article*-
Okay, so you know how Summer Vacation has already come in few countries/schools. hasn't for me! summer is approaching i'll be very busy and may not have enough time for blogging! As Woozworld is not my top priority and family is! And basically summer is more for Family time and it is good to spend more time to visit with family more than visiting your virtual family or virtual world!
I'll be off in Japan on July 1st to July 21st (for a month...) and I may not have internet connection for the whole i'd be VERY busy the whole time going shopping and visiting family out there!
After I come back....I will be visiting my grandpa's for 2-3 weeks and for sure i'll be VERY busy and won't have ANY connection at all since i'll be out in the country! As well when I come back.....I'll be visiting my grandma's afterwards....which i'll be very tired and probably very stressed driving back home from such distance and packed into a car full of junkidy-doo-dah with Nahcim...and we will most likely be fighting for space! The pressure is oooon xD JK! But I MAY be able to get on the computer if
 I hope you under stand that I WONT be able to go on the internet as much as i want to.....! 
Hope You Understand- Pepsi!

Also, i'm very sorry that I wasn't able to post, I've been busy taking quizes, doing internet learning, and as well as doing projects. So Im very pleased and happy that you haven't kicked me out <3 that shows that you really care....xD!

Woozworld App!
As we all know, the woozworld app has arrived to Woozworld and to the Apple Store!
(although I don't have it because I support Google/Android Apps)
And so, as I see on Instagram....people had problems, as all apps do when they come out! Some of the clothings are VERY glitchy and messed up UvU
The pose is very odd yet cute :)! And woozens say that the dances are different!
I contacted woozworld if they'll ever put it out on Google/Android store! And they said they would in the future in weeks or months (most likely years :')!)

So Look Out For That!
Toodles Woozens!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Woozworld APP

Hi guys Zinniastar here I have good news and bad news  her is good news  I'm so excited for the woozworld app finally Ill be able to play while "reading"in class ( just kidding )if you took the quiz to guess when it would come out I was actually a runner up for something of woozworld!  If you win or are a runner up then you'll get a message by the woozband saying your on the list and your gonna get a "exclusive" gift. Now I don't know about you but its probably gonna be cheap i have low expectations for them. ( if your new you'll get use to it ). or I hope  its like wooz or a free 12 month membership ( I can be a little greedy ). this is what the message should say.
                                       " Hi zinniastar,

Congratz for getting on the exclusive Woozworld App LIST. You have received the coveted Woozworld App Trail Blazer title and badge and you get to be first to know the date the Woozworld App will be launched. Drum-roll please....and the launch date is MAY 22!!! Be ready to download the Woozworld App on your Apple iOS 7 devices on May 22 to receive your exclusive gifts.

The Woozband"
                                 When I read this i freaked out like OMG I kinda actually one something I was so proud of it but the real winner was Congratz to our Super Woozen Psychic Whizzes for guessing the right Woozworld App launch date MAY 22! Youre AMAZING! Check out the BLOG for the list of winners     (that's what jay said )! Here's the bad news as you know woozworld is being hacked and well I found out I have hacked  items and well i'm like " I love my hair and epic crop but I feel so bad so I have a dilemma going on going on. here are some of the items and how you can tell 
                                                                        Bye guys

if you have any hacked items ask 

teresapower for help

Zhacked Items Info: How do you know the item is zhacked? When someone is sellings lots of the item or when lots of people are wearing that specific thing. Some Zhacked Items I know Of: Pix el (Blonde and white) Fan.c tea and Bow tea outfits (colorable) fat guy (colorable) Ballerina Bow (Teal and Orange) Epic Crop (Red) Fashionista Rocker (black and blonde) Girly ## Pants (colorable) Authority (colorable) For any Questions or Updates Please Message Me and I'll reply as soon as possible. Stay Safe

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Outfit Haul

HEY guys Zinniastar here I recently just got a ton of rare stuff for like 100 to 150 beex NO JOKE  I actually felt like I was one of the cooler woozens! so with out further a do here are my favorite outfits!!

Outfit #1
1. Spar Hair
2. Epic crop top
3. rolled up shorts
4. Retro sneakers                                              Outfit #2
                                                                123=spar outfit
                                                                 4. Retro sneakers

Outfit #3
1. long spring hair
2.geek shirt
3. rolled up shorts
4. ice blocks

From Zinniastar ( Tell me what you think )                                                                                                      

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jenny and Max Over?

Hey guys Zinniastar here if you haven't been living under a rock you probably know jenny and max are OVER!!  he broke up with jenny to put his energy into a cactus farm yes that!here is what i know

  • Max didn't show up to jenny's B-day party

  •    in a pic jenny is with zeena  and Jenny is without her ring 

  • ( pic evidence )      
     Were's the i love you max or I love you jenny that is all the evidence I have if this is a hoax I will keep researching

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Things I hate about Woozworld

Hey guy Zinniastar here! I'm gonna tell you about my 3 least favorite things i hate about woozworld ... Now I know IfGiveGaga did this not trying to be mean but I wanna do it :)

 Now I hate when new woozens are like i wish I were pretty like you would you trade me and you say uhhhh no sorry. Then they're like please help me and your like no i said no and they then keep requesting your trade so you can't leave and your like STOP!!!
                        (attention seekers)
I hate attention seekers like Stormie hate club or bullies people who are revolting honestly i love the new woozworld and I hated the old woozworld it was just boring!
    I love all the new fashions but you can only buy them in the store which is so annoying because i'm not aloud to buy from the store so everyone has it and your like wow.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hey Guys Zinniastar here so the post I  recently wrote about Stormy Skye well I went snooping and found out why  this is the trigger her name in -Plague- -------------------->
she is also a blogger but her blog is highly offensive to Famous woozens many famous ones commented such as RipleyW  Stormy Skye and others. Apparently some people like what she's doing like Stormy Skye Hate Club look!
 why are  they bullies? i'd say because of Hate and Envy,  they are jealous that famous woozens get a lot of attention while we get little to know now i'm not jealous of famous woozens! I'm just saying we get little to no attention.Hate because some famous woozens are mean or they hate them i don't know why some just do. anyway I guess -Plague- has the cyber bully virus, she doesn't know us so why is she posting Rude, Offensive and Upsetting post because it makes her feel better about herself so this is my plan...

Nobody Read her blog

Nobody Post stuff on her wall
                                                                                         Bye thanks for reading,

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fashion Darling | Volume 1

Heya guys! I am your new blogger here C:! Here to entertain you and make you laugh! AYE? :D! I hope I can post daily! Because I have been so busy lately : /!

Name: Spring Fever
Rate: 9.5/10
Reason: Well, tbh this is my F-a-v-o-r-i-t-e OUTFIT EVAAH! Thanks Icey for le shirt! Anyways! I love this outfit because i like the flower jacket and the dots! Also the hir is just too fab!
Goods: I love the floral and the ribbon hair! Woot
Bads:In my opinion the white dots with the darker orange dots don't match! Don't ye think :O!??! Lol 

1.)                                                                                                           2.)

What to wear next time? 
Message me!!!! 

My posts will improve! Just need more practice! They layout will be different :D! 

Bai-Bai C:!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fashion Ve'Bounjoue Volume 10

Ello mates! So today i'm gonn be doing another Fashion Ve'Bounjour! I'm so excited because completed 10 volumes of Ve'Bounjour! :D I'm gonna be more excited when we reach 20 volumes!! Anyways, i might do a contest celebrating this but idk. I might do a free give away but yeah :) Anywys, today's fashion is so amazing! When i was checking out new collection, i saw that it kinda looked like a country style outfit! So i decided to combine the outfit with a country style so let's grt to it! :)

Spring Contry Flaire
So this was the best i could come up with! So the hair is a mixture of spring and country flaire! That's what i noticed when i was checking it out :) anyways, the Top is from WNS 2013 Country! It's seriously perfect for a country style and i really love it a lot! The pattern is very nice and is so beautiful! :) The skirt is from the 2013 Beach collection or the "apple outfit" xD The shoes are also from the 2013 WNS Country outfit with the top! :) Such an amazing outfit i just can't tell yall that this is perfect for a country or farming style as well :)

So that's thw outfit and i hope ya'll enjoyed dat! :) Anyways, i guess thats a good way to start off my morning..unlike glitz. This morning, glitz was in a "Bullying" situation .-. It was Glitz, Payton, and some other girls and of course yall know the glitz LOVES bullying :) she never leaves or ignores the bullies instead she just pays attention to the bullying but at least im not those type of people who dont like glitz yet i mess around with her. So yeah, i guess ill end it right there :) ima make a drawingost soon of something i drew! :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fashion Ve'Bounjour Volume 9

Ello mates! It's icey here and as i said before i'm making a comeback ladies! XD Anyways, Fashion Ve'Bounjour back better than ever! As ya'll know we do have a a new collection and since i got the outfit a day after the collection came out, I'ma be competing in star of the week :D I'm so excited and ima try to come early and i'm just filled with joy! :) Anyways, Todays outfit is simply the new collection and the outfit ima use to compete c: so let's just get to it xD

Spring Enchantment
The new collection is just gawjuss! The hair is PERFECT for the spring time and it's not to long not too short :) The top has a beautiful floral light sweater with a nice polka dot top...perfect for a casual spring day! The shorts to me are a little bit more for summer but they still work well with the outfit :) and lost but not least, don't forget the shoes! And of course you can't see them (xD) but the shoes are just kinda like woozmas shoes just a little bit more fancy :) 

So that's the outfit and i just adore this collection! It's perfect for spring and omg dat hair doe xD I did buy this outfit from the stores (9.99 pack) cause i wanted buy the cheapest it offered though. Speaking about money, don't yout hink they could add beex packs instead of wooz packs? :) Anyways, i guess that's all for today and i will post again tommorow. Sorry for the delay though :) Anyways, bye!

(I'm gonna make a spring logo so stay tuned for that!)

Monday, March 10, 2014


     Ello c; so THAT GIRL IS BACK. Gawjuss old me is back into action c; i havent been posting because of something but im back and ill bes ire to post more sonce im on spring break xD anyways, ima be doing more posts and more editting as well so hopefully ill be able to post more throughout the month as well. So yeah c':
     Recently i've been readingt his really good book called The Cellar which is about a girl named 
Summer (mistaken by lily) where she was gonna go to a part but suddenly she was kidnapped by a 32 year old man who is a physco where he had kidnapped 3 other girls and people who he can't stand he kills them and summer's boyfriend and family are searching for her. I'm only on chapter 20/30 and it's seriously a good book though! If you have a tablet or something where you have an app store, then you can download wattpad and you can read book for free! So freaking good xD Well, adios c;

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cyber Bullying- Stand up!

Good Day Everyone!
This is LikeTotallyBacon here with another post!

Cyber Bullying is only growing larger and larger by the minute. All of us are wondering why. I thought that this video showed a large reason of cyber bullying everywhere. Please take some time out of your day to view this. Please note that there is some minor language and effects of bullying shown that may be unsuitable for others. Thanks so much. 

If you just watched this video, I hope you understand how harsh cyber bullying can be on people. Even though the cases of cyber bullying in this video take place on Facebook, similar things like this can also happen on Woozworld. If you see anything like this going on, stand up for others. If your being bullied online, stand up for yourself and show them who is boss! Find a friend/adult to help you out in any bullying situation. There is always hope.
Thank you all so much for your time!


Monday, February 24, 2014

New Logo!? O:

Hey guys! Since I have a New Thing to add to my woozen's character thingy, I made a new logo (FINALLY!) for updates!
So here it is!

I adore the wallpaper in this logo! It's so beautiful and most likely seasonal! So i can use it any time of the season! There'sALSO something new!!! In the top left corner, is the Instagram symbol! And right next to it in text, it says my USER! It's Pepsi_Woozworld if you cannot tell x)! But yes! Please follow me on Insta! And my name and my title is right in the middle!
I just love how the woozens are placed! I love how like in the middle, there's like these "ghost figures" right in the arm!  I just LOVE it!!! Also, I like how the ones that are doing the Jumping Dance are like falling and the other big figures are like kind of catching it!
I'm really impressed with my skills!

Please message me if you'd like a logo from me! I may put a price on it depending in how it looks! I will probably sell it only for 50-100 beex!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Yeti & The Girl {I Got Too Lazy To Do The Rest}

Okay so you may or may not know I had a video for a special occasion; Valentine's Day. Well I was thinking of making another one and I already did some of it but I've lost total interest in making the video. (All of you Youtubers out there, most of you know how I feel!) I know some of you guys are still really anxious and are waiting for the video but I just don't really feel interested in doing the video. Sure I'll still make videos but that one video I'm just too lazy to make :P (Hehe I get lazy a lot... '.') I even already made a little sneak peak for it. I'll keep the sneak peak video up just for fun.

 If any of you just want to randomly watch it you can watch it here or below.

And you can watch the first one here or below!

Btw these videos we're just made for fun. And no, I did not get the "Yeti" idea off of "Yeti High." I made the first one because I really haven't posted a video in a year so I kind of needed to post a new video badly. Like I had 40+ Subscribers & I didn't post a video in a year... Yeah it's that sad. I'm going to have a new video out very soon! Possibly this weekend! Since on my Youtube Channel I promise I'd make a new video every week! Soo yeah! I Hope you guys enjoyed & I'll post tomorrow!

(Psh and yes that's how far I've gotten! Haha I know it's sad. ._.)

Love you all.. Byeee! xx

xoxo IfGiveGaga xoxo

New Video! California Gurls by Katy Perry - WoozWorld Version!

Woot woot! Okay so today I'm going to posting about Drop Dead Gorgeous Productions New Video... California Gurls - WoozWorld Version! Starring: Liina59, IfGiveGaga, & Me; AlyssaM123! Btw I'm a new blogger & member of Drop Dead Gorgeous Productions! Ahh I'm so excited to be here! Alright alright... So anyways.. What are we waiting for? Let's get into the video ;D

You can watch it here or below:

IfGiveGaga uploaded it on her channel, I think Linny has her own Youtube channel, idk though but I don't but IfGiveGaga does! Her Youtube is IfGiveGaga Wooz! Click here to go to her channel & subscribe for her please! She currently has 50+ Subscribers! Woot woot! She's half way to 100 subbies! She's getting closer, & you all can help by subscribing her today! She has all kinds of comedy videos, music videos, tutorials, and even movies coming out! Sounds interesting huh? The music video took like only maybe 2 hours to make & 1 hour to edit? Yeah It was all done in one day, that's IfGiveGaga's usual schedule for her videos. 2 hours to record & 1 hour to edit. (It depends on what video she's making.) But yeah... Me, Linny, and Gaga had a really fun time recording this video & we hope you enjoy it!

Love you all! xoxo
(Fail picture but oh well! :P)