Friday, March 21, 2014

Fashion Darling | Volume 1

Heya guys! I am your new blogger here C:! Here to entertain you and make you laugh! AYE? :D! I hope I can post daily! Because I have been so busy lately : /!

Name: Spring Fever
Rate: 9.5/10
Reason: Well, tbh this is my F-a-v-o-r-i-t-e OUTFIT EVAAH! Thanks Icey for le shirt! Anyways! I love this outfit because i like the flower jacket and the dots! Also the hir is just too fab!
Goods: I love the floral and the ribbon hair! Woot
Bads:In my opinion the white dots with the darker orange dots don't match! Don't ye think :O!??! Lol 

1.)                                                                                                           2.)

What to wear next time? 
Message me!!!! 

My posts will improve! Just need more practice! They layout will be different :D! 

Bai-Bai C:!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fashion Ve'Bounjoue Volume 10

Ello mates! So today i'm gonn be doing another Fashion Ve'Bounjour! I'm so excited because completed 10 volumes of Ve'Bounjour! :D I'm gonna be more excited when we reach 20 volumes!! Anyways, i might do a contest celebrating this but idk. I might do a free give away but yeah :) Anywys, today's fashion is so amazing! When i was checking out new collection, i saw that it kinda looked like a country style outfit! So i decided to combine the outfit with a country style so let's grt to it! :)

Spring Contry Flaire
So this was the best i could come up with! So the hair is a mixture of spring and country flaire! That's what i noticed when i was checking it out :) anyways, the Top is from WNS 2013 Country! It's seriously perfect for a country style and i really love it a lot! The pattern is very nice and is so beautiful! :) The skirt is from the 2013 Beach collection or the "apple outfit" xD The shoes are also from the 2013 WNS Country outfit with the top! :) Such an amazing outfit i just can't tell yall that this is perfect for a country or farming style as well :)

So that's thw outfit and i hope ya'll enjoyed dat! :) Anyways, i guess thats a good way to start off my morning..unlike glitz. This morning, glitz was in a "Bullying" situation .-. It was Glitz, Payton, and some other girls and of course yall know the glitz LOVES bullying :) she never leaves or ignores the bullies instead she just pays attention to the bullying but at least im not those type of people who dont like glitz yet i mess around with her. So yeah, i guess ill end it right there :) ima make a drawingost soon of something i drew! :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fashion Ve'Bounjour Volume 9

Ello mates! It's icey here and as i said before i'm making a comeback ladies! XD Anyways, Fashion Ve'Bounjour back better than ever! As ya'll know we do have a a new collection and since i got the outfit a day after the collection came out, I'ma be competing in star of the week :D I'm so excited and ima try to come early and i'm just filled with joy! :) Anyways, Todays outfit is simply the new collection and the outfit ima use to compete c: so let's just get to it xD

Spring Enchantment
The new collection is just gawjuss! The hair is PERFECT for the spring time and it's not to long not too short :) The top has a beautiful floral light sweater with a nice polka dot top...perfect for a casual spring day! The shorts to me are a little bit more for summer but they still work well with the outfit :) and lost but not least, don't forget the shoes! And of course you can't see them (xD) but the shoes are just kinda like woozmas shoes just a little bit more fancy :) 

So that's the outfit and i just adore this collection! It's perfect for spring and omg dat hair doe xD I did buy this outfit from the stores (9.99 pack) cause i wanted buy the cheapest it offered though. Speaking about money, don't yout hink they could add beex packs instead of wooz packs? :) Anyways, i guess that's all for today and i will post again tommorow. Sorry for the delay though :) Anyways, bye!

(I'm gonna make a spring logo so stay tuned for that!)

Monday, March 10, 2014


     Ello c; so THAT GIRL IS BACK. Gawjuss old me is back into action c; i havent been posting because of something but im back and ill bes ire to post more sonce im on spring break xD anyways, ima be doing more posts and more editting as well so hopefully ill be able to post more throughout the month as well. So yeah c':
     Recently i've been readingt his really good book called The Cellar which is about a girl named 
Summer (mistaken by lily) where she was gonna go to a part but suddenly she was kidnapped by a 32 year old man who is a physco where he had kidnapped 3 other girls and people who he can't stand he kills them and summer's boyfriend and family are searching for her. I'm only on chapter 20/30 and it's seriously a good book though! If you have a tablet or something where you have an app store, then you can download wattpad and you can read book for free! So freaking good xD Well, adios c;

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cyber Bullying- Stand up!

Good Day Everyone!
This is LikeTotallyBacon here with another post!

Cyber Bullying is only growing larger and larger by the minute. All of us are wondering why. I thought that this video showed a large reason of cyber bullying everywhere. Please take some time out of your day to view this. Please note that there is some minor language and effects of bullying shown that may be unsuitable for others. Thanks so much. 

If you just watched this video, I hope you understand how harsh cyber bullying can be on people. Even though the cases of cyber bullying in this video take place on Facebook, similar things like this can also happen on Woozworld. If you see anything like this going on, stand up for others. If your being bullied online, stand up for yourself and show them who is boss! Find a friend/adult to help you out in any bullying situation. There is always hope.
Thank you all so much for your time!


Monday, February 24, 2014

New Logo!? O:

Hey guys! Since I have a New Thing to add to my woozen's character thingy, I made a new logo (FINALLY!) for updates!
So here it is!

I adore the wallpaper in this logo! It's so beautiful and most likely seasonal! So i can use it any time of the season! There'sALSO something new!!! In the top left corner, is the Instagram symbol! And right next to it in text, it says my USER! It's Pepsi_Woozworld if you cannot tell x)! But yes! Please follow me on Insta! And my name and my title is right in the middle!
I just love how the woozens are placed! I love how like in the middle, there's like these "ghost figures" right in the arm!  I just LOVE it!!! Also, I like how the ones that are doing the Jumping Dance are like falling and the other big figures are like kind of catching it!
I'm really impressed with my skills!

Please message me if you'd like a logo from me! I may put a price on it depending in how it looks! I will probably sell it only for 50-100 beex!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Yeti & The Girl {I Got Too Lazy To Do The Rest}

Okay so you may or may not know I had a video for a special occasion; Valentine's Day. Well I was thinking of making another one and I already did some of it but I've lost total interest in making the video. (All of you Youtubers out there, most of you know how I feel!) I know some of you guys are still really anxious and are waiting for the video but I just don't really feel interested in doing the video. Sure I'll still make videos but that one video I'm just too lazy to make :P (Hehe I get lazy a lot... '.') I even already made a little sneak peak for it. I'll keep the sneak peak video up just for fun.

 If any of you just want to randomly watch it you can watch it here or below.

And you can watch the first one here or below!

Btw these videos we're just made for fun. And no, I did not get the "Yeti" idea off of "Yeti High." I made the first one because I really haven't posted a video in a year so I kind of needed to post a new video badly. Like I had 40+ Subscribers & I didn't post a video in a year... Yeah it's that sad. I'm going to have a new video out very soon! Possibly this weekend! Since on my Youtube Channel I promise I'd make a new video every week! Soo yeah! I Hope you guys enjoyed & I'll post tomorrow!

(Psh and yes that's how far I've gotten! Haha I know it's sad. ._.)

Love you all.. Byeee! xx

xoxo IfGiveGaga xoxo

New Video! California Gurls by Katy Perry - WoozWorld Version!

Woot woot! Okay so today I'm going to posting about Drop Dead Gorgeous Productions New Video... California Gurls - WoozWorld Version! Starring: Liina59, IfGiveGaga, & Me; AlyssaM123! Btw I'm a new blogger & member of Drop Dead Gorgeous Productions! Ahh I'm so excited to be here! Alright alright... So anyways.. What are we waiting for? Let's get into the video ;D

You can watch it here or below:

IfGiveGaga uploaded it on her channel, I think Linny has her own Youtube channel, idk though but I don't but IfGiveGaga does! Her Youtube is IfGiveGaga Wooz! Click here to go to her channel & subscribe for her please! She currently has 50+ Subscribers! Woot woot! She's half way to 100 subbies! She's getting closer, & you all can help by subscribing her today! She has all kinds of comedy videos, music videos, tutorials, and even movies coming out! Sounds interesting huh? The music video took like only maybe 2 hours to make & 1 hour to edit? Yeah It was all done in one day, that's IfGiveGaga's usual schedule for her videos. 2 hours to record & 1 hour to edit. (It depends on what video she's making.) But yeah... Me, Linny, and Gaga had a really fun time recording this video & we hope you enjoy it!

Love you all! xoxo
(Fail picture but oh well! :P)

{My Top 5 Things} - I Hate About WoozWorld

{My Top 5 Things} - I Hate About WoozWorld

So recently WoozWorld has been being a meanie to me. T.T So I've decided... Hey, why not make a post about things I hate about my favorite game; WoozWorld? ;D Sooo... I hope I'm not the only one that hates these things about WoozWorld. But these are just opinions and thoughts. Btw this are all just made to be funny. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone.

{1. Famous Woozens}

1: Famous woozens on WoozWorld just bother me so much. This is my most hated thing about WoozWorld/on WoozWorld. Like, people practically treat these people like they're the best in the world; Meanwhile all they do is wear a bunch of deadmau5s, get lots of money for doing nothing, and ignore the 'unpopular' ones. (Well most of the famous woozens on WoozWorld do this, it makes me so mad.)

{2. Hackers}

2: Hackers. Okay now the hackers have died off, but they still make me mad. Like, have you ever thought of buying the stuff you want for your own money isn't of stealing it? Like sweetie, please use your brain muscles. (Lol I get so mad about the hackers.)

{3. Outfits In The WoozWorld Store}

3: When the WoozBand make all these really cute clothes/outfits & they only put them on the WoozWorld store. Like, that such annoys me. It's not fair, and some of us really can't afford wasting money on a little virtual game. The WoozBand has done a little bit better than before but they need to do even better. And plus, ain't nobody got 10 million years to spend on buying your little outfit. Like seriously, Whenever my dad is buying me something from WoozWorld like he types in the correct stuff in all and they say its wrong, and gurl, yes my dad's credit card ain't expired. And half of the time, either the store doesn't load or it ain't workin' with me. (Pshh stupid store. T.T)

{4. High Prices In Shopz & Store}

4: Okay sometimes WoozWorld goes way overboard on the prices in the store, and in shopz. Like seriously; The hair in shopz costs like 400 Wooz and like over 3,000 beex it's like seriously...? You really think I'm going to pay that much just for that ugly hair that looks like Miley Cyrus' hair? Yeah.. uhmm haha no thanks. Same goes with the store. I ain't paying 20 bucks just for a little wooz pack. That ain't happenin'. And half of the time my wooz that I buy don't even last that long. (I wonder why... Cuz I spend too much.. Hehe oops. '.')

{5. Thirsty Woozens }

5: Okay so some of yall woozens can be like, real disgusting. First of all, did you realize that this game has kids that are like 8, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds on this game? (There are more ages but these are the youngest.) Like for real. Are you stupid or something? Second off, did you know there's something called getting a girlfriend? And there's websites for that you do know that right...? :P Like not even kidding they'll like have St*** clubs on the hot nows and these woozens actin' like they mods & animators like: child your making a even bigger scene. Like just leave the unit and continue life that you didn't see what those creepy children were doing. (I'm not even kidding if you get on late at night you see all these nasty clubs and stuff.)

Okay guys, so that's basically "My Top 5 Things" I Hate About WoozWorld! (And trust me, there's WAY MORE things I hate about WoozWorld.) So what did you guys think? Did you guys agree on this post or did you disagree? Leave me a comment below on which ones you agree on!
We'll I'm gonna sign off now, Byeee!

xoxo IfGiveGaga xoxo
(Me & Linny Lookin' Fabulous ;D! We're Twinnies o: !)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Woozlympics Are Here!

As you may or may not know, the Woozlympics are here!! Yay! So who here is excited! But anyways... It's finally here! To honor this years Winter Olympics, WoozWorld has decided, why not do another Woozlympics? Haha so enough talking for now... Let's get into the post shall we? c;
Your Woozband will be hosting daily Woozlympic Eventz where you will have the chance to win points for your country! The countries participating in the Woozlympics are:
Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, UK and USA!
When you’re at the Eventz, wear the T-Shirt of the country you are playing for. The Woozband will explain how to playeach game so follow the instructions on how to play! There will be 3 winners of each round played (1st, 2nd and 3rd). The Woozens that play in each round will be sent to another Unitz when the round is over so more Woozens get a chance to play.
If you place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Eventz, here’s what you will get!
* 1st place: 3 points for the Country + a Gold Trophy 
* 2nd place: 2 points for the Country + a Silver Trophy
* 3rd place: 1 point for the Country
If you are wearing your Country’s T-shirt, you will earn your country 2 extra points, no matter what is your position!
If you want to keep helping your favorite Country before and after the Woozband Eventz, you can continue earning points by collecting the FriendIN smilies, but in order to get points, you need to be wearing your Country’s t-shirt!
Next week, when the competitions are over, the winning Country will get a Medal (more details to come).

On  Tuesday, February 18th , at 7:30 PM WT (7:30 pm EST) Woozlympics Opening ceremony with Jenny Wooz.
On Wednesday , February 19th  at 7:30 PM WT (7:30 pm EST)  Woozlympic Event with Max Wooz.
On Friday, February  21st at 7:30 PM WT (7:30 PM EST) Woozlympic Event with Mya Wooz.

Week’s Schedule

Schedule for February 17th -21st
Tuesday Game Opening7:30 PM wooztimeJennyWooz
WednesdayWoozlympic Event7:30 PM wooztimeMaxWooz
FridayWoozlympic Event7:30 PM wooztimeSurprise

{Fashion Lover Vol: 1} - Amant De Mode

Hey woozens! You may or may not know me, but my name is: Liina59! You can call me Linny. I am a member of Drop Dead Gorgeous Productions. Yes, Drop Dead Gorgeous Productions is a real thing you can join too! Click here to join! Anyways, today I'm going to be starting a new series of fashion called: Fashion Lover aka. Amant De Mode! (Amant De Mode means Fashion Lover in French.) So let's start shall we? ;D

This is my Justy Spring Fashionista Entry, if you could.. Click here to WoozUp it please! Okay but anyways... I personally love this outfit. I think it's so adorable, sweet, & such an innocent look! But Gaga tells me I'm not innocent. It's true >:D Mwaha. Lol jk, but anyways...
Hair: Manga Lolita Hair
Top: Knotted Shirt
Skirt: Sweetz Candy Skirt
Shoes: Compact Heels

This was one of my Justy Spring Fashionista Entries, I decided to go with the other one. My impression on this outfit is that it looks very mysterious and kind of reminds me of a white rose. (If there are white roses.) I don't know why, but it's so adorable & cute!

Hair: Prom Goddess Hair
Top: Knotted Shirt
Skirt: ? Unknown
Shoes: Compact Heels

Yeah sooo... that's basically it guys! There for sure will be more Fashion Lover {Amant De Mode} Volumes of course! But this is only the beginning! I really enjoy posting these kind of posts & I hope you enjoy them too! Also if you have not heard about me, Gaga, & Alyssa's new video you can watch it here!

Signing Off... xoxo

The Beauty;
(I will have a sign off someday!)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How To Prevent Getting Hacked + What To Do When Your Being Hacked

A lot of woozens have been getting hacked recently. And I've decided to help you all out today. I'm going to give you some of my tips you can do to prevent your account from being hacked. Because being hacked, isn't fun. So, let's start on this, shall we?

1. Keep your email private. Never share your email because I think that's the reason how people get hacked so easily. Try to never give out your email what-so-ever. Only give it out to people you truly know and trust, and that you are close friends with. If you have a blog make a separate account for the contact info.

2. Never share your password. I know everyone says this, but it's true. Giving out your password is one of the most idiotic things you can do. Try to change your password every week if you can. Or if you don't have the time to change your password weekly, make your password really long. If you can't remember it, write it down on a piece of paper. But, never put it on a computer, because who knows? Maybe your computer could get hacked too. 

3. Make a backup account so your prepared. You always want to be prepared, because anything can happen. I keep my backup account very private so no one knows about it. Because your backup account could get hacked too if your not careful.

4. Never give hints or clues about your email or password. One little word can result in a genius trying to think out your password with that little word. It's that scary.

5. When you are being hacked, stay on the world. You may have to keep refreshing to get on the world, but that will make the hacker have to refresh too. Keep on doing it until you notice the hacker stops. Hackers tend to post things on your Woozin about you getting hacked so make sure to be aware of that too. But the most important thing of all is when your being hacked, change your password right away. If the hacker has already changed your password, stay on our account and do what I told you in the beginning of this step- fight for your account.

6. Make an extra backup account for your backup account. (I know this sounds silly but if your really terrified, like me, of getting hacked, I'd do this.) Also on your original backup account transport some of your clothing and furniture on that account, just so you'll have actual clothes you can wear. Also transport some of your wooz and beex (If you have any at the moment.)

7. Prevent going to unitz that hackers are in. I know it's interesting to see what's going on but that's a big no no for me. It makes your self "getting hacked expectations" get higher. And that's not a very good thing to have. When you see a hacker, leave the unit right away and ignore the hacker. Don't grab the hacker's attention at all.

Well guys, these are just a few things you can do to help your account from being hacked. I sure need to do some of these things too. And if you do ever get hacked, message me and I can help you recover. It's a very scary and sad thing to witness, but sometimes it happens in life.

Be safe & have fun!

Fashion Ve'Bounjour Volume 9

Ello mates! It's icey here with a fashion post for today. I wanna says orry for not posting yesterday bcause it was stuck on HTML and i couldnt write and post pictures on change, charm, or wooz team so yeah. As ya'll know it was valentine day 2 days ago and i wanna say happy valentines! Hopefully you had all the chocolate you wanted as well for me, i got 2 dozen chocolate donuts C; How you fel!??!?!????!!? XD Anyways, Christan College is back (my college) and hopefully we can reunite the family back again xD so let's just grt one ith the fashion post lol

Glorious Rockstar Chic
This outfit is just my favorite! I was shopping around and found this really nice top and i brought it and i combined it with a nice outfit. It has a leather jacket and a rocker shirt as well. The hair is just so beautiful omg! I had to trade my Romance dress for the romance hair i have. (It was worth it cause the dress wasnt even in my color lol) The pants are slim jeans which goes very nice with shirts and jackets as well. The shoes are rhinestone shoes which are so pretty! I love how it has rhinestones on the toe part (top) and it's just omg! The background is what co pletes this phoro and outfit! I just adore the background so much it's just so pretty :)

I might post again this afternoon about some woozworld news or maybe Ve'Bounjour Volume 10 maybe..i havent decided yet. This afternoon ima just be relaxing and playing woozworld though. IF you havent already, please go to my albums and woozup the photo for Justy's Spring Fashionista Contest or just CLICK HERE it would totally help out a lot. Well, Thanks for reading and adios! C:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fashion Ve'Bounjour Volume 8

Ello mates! It's icey here and today ima do a Fashion Ve'Bounjour! We're at volume 8 and 2 more to volume 10! Oh my god! :'D i really like doing this segment and ima create a logo for the fashion segment as well c; as always i'll be giving you guys information about the outfit. Idk, thats all i gotta say. I downladed a My Little Pony App!!! I seriously dont know why i even downloaded it! xD but anyways, lets grt to le outfit C:

Valentine's Sweetness
Came up with that tittle as well rotfl. Anyways, heres the outfit which is perfect for valentine's or for the ones you lov! The hair is from this weeks college and its a creamy color which i love because its not so white and not so yellow. The top is a fashionista Rock top (that i traded for my snowflake dress, it was short one so i didnt even care lol)  It has such a lovely jackets, necklace with perals, and omg! The skirt is also from this weeks collection which goes with the hair. atHe shoes go somewhat perfect with the dress idk...i thought i could have used flats but i guess the shoes are okay..

So um thats the outfit and um idk what to say really! Omg xD i've been so attracted with the MLP app that im already on level 21 in under an houe xD (i know a cheat on it C;) and it's just omg! I just wanted to download a random app on my ipad and omg! ITS SO ADDICTING THAT HOW WILL I EARN THE MONEY TO GET RARITY BACK OMGGG. UGH JUST GO KEEP GRINDING UP (yes, that type of grinding xD) idk...just dont know what to say...ADIOSSS -RIDES I TO SUNSET AND BURNS INTO ASHES-

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Friendship Drawing(Failed xd)

heyguys! Its icey here with another post for today and im posting this around 7:00 or so idk xD the clock is in the kitchen and im in my bedroom and it be so much work to walk over to the kitchen, look at the time,then open the bedroom door, and enter my room, then go to my bed rotfl. Anyways, i decided to do a friendshipd drawing with nahcim since shes my BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BESTER BESTER BESTER BESTER BESTEST BESTEST BESTEST friend on ths entire universe! So we took a picture and it took me 2 hours and i want my 2 hours back before i failed on the picture ugh! XD

WE LOOK LIKE LITTLE GIRLS, ECSPECIALLY ME XD i mean, i never failed before! This is so depressingi cant belive i failed! Well, its official..beliving in yourself will make you fail c: i mean i like how i did nahcim but i hate how i did myself. I mean I LOOK LIKE A PIG THAT NEEDS A NEW FACE. ima pretend im nahcim in this drawing c; naw xD and i did tear a piece of paper and wrote "Fail Drawing xD" cause it did failed omg! I wanna tear this apart but it will be more of a waist of 2 hours ugh xD